I lead and inspire. I create. I facilitate and listen. I write daily and move my body.

I work with those who want to tap into their deep desires to take meaningful action, every damn day. My people are pleasure-driven and focused on depth. 


Expressive Writer. Intuitive Yogi. Creative Marketer. Mindful Being.

Expressive Writer. Intuitive Yogi. Creative Marketer. Mindful Being.

there’s always time to do what matters

Meet Hailey

I believe everything we do should be intentional and rooted in love - whether that’s starting a yoga practice to connect with your body, learning how to market yourself (or business) in order to share your message with the world, or making more mindful food choices so that you can feel healthier, happier and free from the weight of society and “what people might think”.

"Living" can be whatever you believe it to be, but you have to choose what "that" is. 

The Full Story:

I love yoga. What started as a solo home practice in 2013 with DVD’s and lots of Google searches slowly morphed into attending some community classes with friends & eventually led me to my 200-hour yoga teacher training that absolutely changed my life. To read about that experience, head over to my blog.

After allowing myself to truly be cracked open in my own practice I became a yoga teacher. I teach mindful and intentional yoga classes, yoga basics workshops & lead weekend long yoga+mindfulness retreats.


I really love food. But not just any food. Some call me picky, others call me a bit crazy. But, I am very into eating real, whole food. I used to do Whole30's every few months - obsessing over eliminating processed sugar, grains, dairy, legumes, soy, alcohol. Now I've found freedom in my food and drink choices and no longer do Whole30's. I'm more focused on consistently make mindful choices around food and eating as locally as possible.

I love experimenting with recipes in the kitchen and leading others through 30-day programs for more intuitive eating. Helping others (and myself) make more mindful food choices every damn day allows for the freedom of choice, actually experiencing food, and more presence in life.


I am a writer (if you couldn't tell). I have been my entire life. But, at some point I lost this identifier in the process of “what am I going to be when I grow up” and forgot that I'm a writer (even though I GET PAID TO WRITE). It’s funny how we can mindlessly go through life and not see what's right in front of us.

As a kid I wrote poetry, songs & stories. Today I still write poetry, stories, guides, & online content. My writing today is mostly focused on my life experiences and how I might inspire others to shift their perspective. I also help others find their creative voice through my personal writing mentorships.


So where does marketing fit into all of this? Well, during that whole “what am I going to be when I grow up” phase of life (aka College) I immediately fell in love with the degree of Communication with an Advertising focus. I didn’t know what that meant exactly, but it sounded fun and like I could wear sexy pencil skirts, heels and be a "girl boss" for the rest of my life. Alas, our ideas of what things look like are typically way off. Mine sure was with this.

I graduated from college and dove into the advertising world at an ad agency. This is not a pencil skirt and heels environment per se - it’s a "we don't really care what you're wearing as long as you show up, know your shit and bring ideas to the table" type of place. Although the ad industry is not for everyone, I have learned a lot from it. I recently left the agency and my full-time career to pursue my own passions. While I was working full-time I was managing social media strategy, digital media planning and buying, project and resource management & client management for global brand. I left because I knew there was something bigger I needed to be doing. I’d like to say I’ve learned most aspects of the agency's offerings through my work, coworkers or on my own (this website for instance was built completely by me ;) ).


Oh yeah, and you know, I’m also a human... with a life… and interests and feelings & things. Sometimes the internet has a way of making people seem more “shiny” or “perfect” than they are. But just know I have my good and bad days too. Emotional and happy-go-lucky. I have bills to pay and people to show up for and pets to remember to feed. As someone once said, we all have the same amount of hours in the day, it’s how we choose to spend them that can make an impact. Or, I dont know, maybe no one has said exactly that but you catch my drift.


If you want a deeper look at “who I am”, head over to my blog and my Youtube channel to see me “in real life”.

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