It all started on...

August 2nd. Seriously? I'm joking. I'm not here to tell you my life story from day one. I'm here to connect and share impactful experiences with you that have the possibility of creating more freedom and love in your life. I am here to help you discover a new way of being that changes everything for you... if you let it. But how? 

What brings you here?


Join me on your mat for a 60 minute class, in-depth workshop, or weekend-long yoga+mindfulness retreat.

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Explore paleo recipes, dive into the 3-day clean eating challenge for FREE, and learn more about mindful eating.

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Learn how to communicate your story to the world and market to the right people in a clear and meaningful way. 

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I believe in expressively communicating my feelings, thoughts and experiences with the world. Revealing Hailey is my blog and sacred space where you can find all of my musing from experiences, stories, poems & more. Through my blog I hope to inspire you to find your voice and share your story, too. Every single person has a story to tell and should feel as though they can share it. No more holding back. It’s time to rise up.