Honor Your Desires

Learn how to examine your relationship with movement, food, and self-care

in order to take ownership of your desires and become trulyconfident. 

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Anything in your mind, heart, and environment that makes you feel whole can be found here.


20 Minute Talks

Unscripted & Unedited Conversations with Interesting People 

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20 Minutes Talks with Hailey Heishman is a video series of unscripted and unedited conversations with interesting people.

Recent Episodes:

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30 Days Play - Free Printable 

As I was journaling on all of this I wrote, "Turn everything into a game." I looked at what I wrote and just smiled. DUH Hailey! Make this stuff fun and surprising and exciting and a treat, not another to-do. Because to-dos are actually draining me lately. From "Turn everything into a game", I came up with something I'm really excited about... my new 30 Days of Play Challenge.