Why do we do what we do? (3 Questions to Ask Yourself)


Chandler and I went to a concert last night in Cincinnati. At the beginning of the show a guy dragged his lady out on the floor, front and center (no one else was out there yet), and then he ran off to (I think) grab drinks.


She looked around, reached for her phone, and stood there scrolling—eyes locked on the screen. She was the only person standing in front of the stage as the band played and wasn’t even looking at them or paying attention.

I wondered why she couldn’t look up from her phone to see the insanely talented brothers playing in front of her. I wanted to run out there and shake her out of it.

But alas, the main act came on, the floor filled up, and we were bumping along to the music enjoying ourselves.

This guy and his friend stepped in front of us and continued to flag another friend over to stand with them. When friend #3 arrived they began talking very loudly. Like catching up, talking and talking and talking about nothing really. I could no longer hear the music because I was unwillingly pulled into the bland conversation. It was weirdly frustrating.

AND, you know what’s worse than a loud ass conversation at a concert? E-cigs that smell like… bathroom air freshener... only worse.

They talked and puffed on their e-cig song after song and I tried to ignore them. They finally walked away and I was relieved.

With more space in front of us, I got a glimpse of an older man dancing his heart out in the front. Like, full-on Dance-Party-Of-One. It was beautiful and refreshing in comparison to those other guys.

I smiled and we bumped along through the rest of the show and then headed home.


These people made me wonder:


- Why do we do what we do?

- When do we hide because we’re uncomfortable (and why)?

- When do we allow ourselves to “let loose”? To really feel it all in the moment.


It’s easy to grab our phone or cling to a friend and talk about “nothing”. It’s easy to check out and tune out.


If we just stop for a minute and ask, “Why am I doing this?” things start to shift.

Asking Why allows us a moment to tune in. Check-in.


You can either be the clueless guys with no appreciation for what’s happening at the moment



You can be the guy letting loose in the front. Feeling the music and fully expressing out.


Personally, I’d like to be the second guy. Dancing, enjoying life, and giving zero f*cks about hiding.




So much love,





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