Whole30 Challenge – Week 2

Today marks day 14 of my Whole30 challenge. And I’m coming to a lot of realizations through this experience:

1.) I know how to cook now. I’m not a chef but I definitely don’t have to rely on my mom and boyfriend to cook for me every day anymore.

2.) Cooking yourself a healthy, satisfying meal, is beyond fulfilling.

3.) Meal planning on Sunday is a lifesaver!

4.) And, as much as I’m DYING to eat the candy corn on the kitchen counter, I haven’t touched it. And I am proud of myself for that.

This Whole30 isn’t just about learning how to cook for me. It’s about becoming whole and taking care of myself. While I was cooking dinner the other night I was thinking to myself how whole I actually feel. I can cook great meals that people will eat and enjoy. The funny thing is, I never really tried to cook. I like to bake, but that’s about as far as I’d go. I honestly was completely fine with my amazing-cook boyfriend making my meals for the rest of my life. I was okay with chopping and sauteing occasionally… BUT not anymore. I might just have to get myself a sous chef by the time I’m finished.

Having my family, boyfriend and friends be truly proud of me for cooking and trying new things has made me feel awesome. If you need to do some soul searching and really bring everything full circle, do a Whole30 challenge. They say the Whole30 will change your life, and in two weeks I can already see the change.

This week I’ve been eating some tasty food. For a few meals I ate homemade (bean-less, cheese-less & noodle-less) chili. It was really good without the yummy melty cheese. I made some hard boiled eggs and ate those all week along with tuna, veggies, berries and nuts.

Tuesday, my coworkers and I opened up the garage door by my desk and rolled outside to eat lunch in this beautiful weather we’re having. I love enjoying every unique feature of the agency that makes our work environment so cool.

I also made Asian meatballs with mashed cauliflower which turned out pretty dang good.

I’m sticking with spinach omelets pretty regularly because they are my FAV breakfast meal (besides pancakes  which I most definitely can not eat right now!)

Solomon and I made bun-less burgers with tomato, avocado, lettuce and mustard Friday night.

Saturday morning I made a fabulous frittata. Which also resulted in my first kitchen wound. The frittata was so good we had it for breakfast and lunch. NOTE: Never pull a cast-iron skillet out of the oven with a small towel.

For dinner we had taco salads. And instead of buying those nasty taco seasoning packets which contain wheat, maltodextrin and lord knows what else, I flavored the beef with chili powder, cumin, paprika, garlic salt, basil and some lime juice. It tastes even better than the packets.

Oh yeah, while Solomon and I were sitting outside eating our taco salads a beautiful butterfly landed on Solomon’s hand and hung out with us for a while. Of course, I got a picture so I had to share!

This morning I had carrot juice and my spinach omelet then headed out to go hiking at Clifty Falls. I absolutely love going there and have been dying to take Solomon. He was a first timer at the park but somehow ending up showing me 2 new trails. We had a blast running through the creek for miles and ended up burning around 1,600 calories each. We even took a short break on a rock in the creek to enjoy the setting.

BTW Larabars are Whole30 approved. (This makes me extremely happy!)

When we got home, we threw the chicken tandoori I had marinating for almost 24 hours on the grill, watched Breaking Bad and called it a night.

I am feeling amazing after two weeks of Whole30 and can not wait to share my final results with everyone!




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