Whole30 2.0 – Recap & Results

Today is day 30 of my second Whole30 challenge. I did my first one in September by myself. This time, Solomon joined me. It was so much fun having someone to eat with, talk to about the challenges and new recipes.

The past 30 days have been filled with many tests:

  • At the beginning of the month I volunteered at an event where I had to serve wine all night. If you know me, you know I LOVE wine. But I made it through the event successfully.

  • I went to an all day video shoot in Cincy and made sure to pack plenty of Whole30 options. I ate my homemade spaghetti while everyone else stuffed their faces with pizza. That one was a breeze.

  • Solomon turned 24 this month. Meaning, no birthday cake. Well… being the problem solver that I am, I made Solomon a fruit cake. Literally. A cake made of fresh fruit.

  • And… my best friend moved to NYC the next day. We all went to dinner the weekend before and I took my own chicken and Tessemae’s dressing so I could eat with everyone without compromising my Whole30. Strategic planning my friends. P.s. I miss you Shelb!

Some of my favorite meals this month were mulligatawny stew, spicy ginger-garlic chicken, chicken tortilla-less chicken soup, bora bora fireballs (OMG. AMAZING.) and faux pho. I also made bacon jalapeño deviled eggs and a killer spinach artichoke dip (sans cheese) for SuperBowl Sunday.

hailey heishman whole30 recap and results

I’m definitely expanding my knowledge about the foods I eat and how they affect my body. Not to mention, I’m becoming a pretty good cook. I do the Whole30 because it is challenging. Not because I’ve “self-diagnosed” myself with gluten intolerance or anything like that. The entire experience, like anything else in life, is mind over matter. I believe you can not grow if you don’t change.

Which leads me to my next point. Cutting my hair was an unplanned, spontaneous move and I am insanely happy with how I feel about it. I’ve had long hair my entire life. My hair has always been a part of me, my look and the way I feel about myself. Constantly challenging myself and making changes is helping me grow into the woman I believe God intends for me to be. I am still young, still learning and making mistakes but I know I’m heading in the right direction of complete self-approval and happiness.

I want to share something that I read the other day. Rachel is someone that I follow on Instagram. She is a wonderful, beautiful person and really hits it home with this post. She posted a picture of herself from the back, in her bikini. Please note, she is a yoga instructor and posts pictures of herelf doing yoga in her bikini. Apparently some people had some negative things to say about her picture. Here is her response:

“Ok. I literally just scrolled through my entire phone looking for a picture, any picture, that shows off my backside…. This was the only one I could find. And do you know why? Because I’ve never given it any thought! And I would never post a photo like this normally. It’s just my butt, and it’s nothing special. But if I would listen to what people comment here on Instagram? It’s small, ugly, non-existent, or what was it someone wrote today… Embarrassing? Gee, thanks! All I can say is wow. WOW. How can something that I use mainly for sitting be such a conversation starter? Well, apparently I should do less sitting and more…. Squatting? Hm. I squat, as in Malasana, to open my hips. I don’t squat as in “move up and down incessantly until your glutes burn” because that does not seem like something I would even remotely enjoy. Sitting, however, I like! Especially if I get to do it while drinking wine, talking, holding hands with someone I love. Squatting to change what I look like? Nah. My backside doesn’t define who I am, and neither does any part of my body. Nor a number on a scale, or the image in the mirror reflected back at me. Because that’s all we see: Reflections. What you see in others is a reflection of how you see yourself. Are you spewing out negative comments about my backside (or anything else that “bothers” you)? Chances are, you spend a whole lotta time worrying about your own. So settle down people. It’s just flesh. It’s just a body. It’s not who you are. I doubt my Caribbean-raised fiancé is marrying me for my Sweden-sized ass as much as I doubt he is marrying me despite of it. Real connection happens way beyond all of this. I say, how about we spend a little more time worrying about the size of our hearts than we do the size of our jeans? I’m going back to my flat-assed evening. Sorry for the rant just felt the need to address all these comments! #love #speakyourtruth #embracewhoyouare”

The 30 days have passed. I feel better, I feel happy and I have the Whole30, the Paleo community and my awesome support system to thank. If you have any questions about food or just want to talk please reach out to me. I’m no nutritional expert but my knowledge is growing daily and I’m very passionate about spreading the love and happiness of eating whole foods and living a fulfilled life.



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