When Life Hands You Lemons…

Sometimes life hands you lemons. They aren’t always fresh, ripe or ready to be made into lemonade. Sometimes they’re even rotten.

Sometimes the lemons are perfect, ripe and yellow as ever. We have the best time of our lives with the perfect lemons. But lemons don’t last forever.

We are left constantly searching and wanting the ripe lemons and disappointed when they aren’t quite right. It’s just not as easy without the perfect lemons.

Well, I’ve recently been put into a “rotten” lemon situation. Not ideal, nor comfortable at all, but I’m doing my best to make the most of it. After all, things could be worse, right?

I don’t mean to be vague but this isn’t necessarily about my one situation but about life as a whole. It’s moments in life like this where you can really learn a lot. You learn about the people who care for you the most. You learn about how you’ve been caring for your body and mind. And you learn that it’s okay to slow down and take a breath from time to time to let your body recover from life… and rotten lemons.

My point is, don’t worry about the condition of the lemon. Worry about how you can make the very best of it. Take a shitty situation and turn it into a learning experience, a lesson, a note-to-self that you will handle it or react differently next time. Don’t hold yourself back by letting imperfect situations get the best of you. You are strong and able to take on whatever life throws at you. Just don’t be scared.

You know what you do with those imperfect lemons… make with them what you can and know that life goes on.

Hailey HeishmanComment