Trusting Yourself and Finding Support Around You

"Jump and the net will appear"

Inspiring, right? I said it to myself millions of times when I was trying to get the courage to leave my 9-5 career last year.

But honestly, would you jump? Trusting that some magical net is going to appear below you?

Who’s holding the net?

How did it get there?

How did they know I was going to jump?

Will I burst through it and just splat into the ground?

How strong is that net anyway?

It’s lovely to think, “Jump and the net will appear”, but in reality, it’s scary as I’ll get out.

What I feel it really comes down to is, Trusting yourself and your desires AND then trusting that you are supported.

Let me give you a real-life example of this “trusting”:

I recently had an experience in a sensory deprivation float tank where I KNEW I was supported (by the salt water) and I still felt apprehensive to let go of all of the tension in my body.

Did you hear that? I KNEW I was supported and yet there was still a doubt in my mind. That’s because I must start with MYSELF, and then I can better trust my support. I thought...

Why don’t I feel supported?

What would it look like if I trusted?

These questions may have come up while floating, but they actually spill over into my daily life. To me, it's the idea of “jumping” (or maybe a better word is Trusting) and also allowing yourself to accept the support around you.

For a long time I tried to do everything on my own. Like, in my yoga practice for example - I stayed at home for years and taught myself yoga (with tons of trial and error) and had a really hard time opening up to community, feedback, and support. I kept it close, because that meant I was in control of it.

What I’ve learned is that we need to want something badly enough (trusting and acting on our desires) AND we need other people for support.

If you've been feeling this way about yoga (like you need to do it alone) fret not. I’ve created this free 5-day yoga basics training. Basically, over the course of 5 days (via email) I will send you my complete step-by-step system to help you start practicing yoga, how to understand what all of the yoga props and accessories are for, and get actionable advice on how to begin your journey. Plus, there’s a Q&A with any additional questions you have after the training.

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Not really into the yoga thing right now? No problem.

I invite you to check out this recent blog post, My first experience in a sensory deprivation tank, to read more about my experience of trusting and letting go.

And also, consider the following questions:

  • Where do I feel supported in my life?

  • Where am I lacking support?

  • In what areas do I feel constricted, fearful, untrusting?

  • What would it look like if I trusted?

If you need support, I’m here.

So much love,