To the bride and groom on their big day…


Who knew having your best friend get married would be so intense.

I’ve never had someone this close to me get married. I’ve never been in a wedding. I’ve never bought a bridesmaids dress or had to figure out how to get it altered. This entire experience has been filled with so many firsts for me you’d think it was my wedding.

I’ve spent far too long comparing grey nail polish searching for the perfect one and trying on every gold heel in Louisville and Indiana.

I put my self tanning lotion on ahead of time so I would be nice and bronzed for the big day. But, of course, I had to rush to the immediate care in the pouring rain… where I walked in looking like a streaky smelly mess.



You have been so calm and poised throughout this entire thing. I watched you as you called and coordinated your perfect wedding meal. Relentlessly searching for the perfect food (because, duh. Food.)  Not settling for mesly eggs and fruit. You wanted what you wanted and you made it happen. You always make everything happen, no matter what. When you texted me one day saying you found your dress all I could think was, “well damn, that was easy.”

When you showed me your ring last year it almost didn’t seem real. Of course Nathan is your human, but it made me kind of sad. Sad to know you were engaged, getting married and that things would change. Sad to think I’d never find someone as perfect for me as Nathan is for you.

Thankfully, all of this change has landed us both in places so incredible that I’d never take it back. But, it has definitely been a whirlwind of emotions for me (imagine that!).

I never want to see you without a smile on your face and I know Nathan feels the same. You are an incredible woman Ash. We are so lucky to get to call you OURS.



I’ll never forget the first time we saw you. And then again a few months later when Ash showed me her phone and said, “isn’t this the Nathan from the Angel Tree thing we did?” “I think so, swipe right!” “Should I?” “If you like him, YES.”.... And the rest is history. #YoureWelcome

I have never seen Ashley smile, laugh or have such a vibrancy for life like she does since meeting you. It was obvious you all were meant for each other from the very first day. And, if I have to share my best friend with anyone, I’m so endlessly grateful it’s you.

Who knew a few hours of volunteering during the holidays would lead to this.


I am so incredibly honored to be by your alls side (in your wedding and in life). You two mean the world to me and I love you so much. 

Now, excuse while I go cry and try to keep it together when this beauty walks down the aisle toward us.

Happy Wedding Day!


*But forever and always the other half of Hashley ;)