There is room for all of you to exist

You know that voice in your head?
The one that "doesn't want to"?

There's room for her to exist too

Like the part of you with a brilliant idea
they sit across from each other and tug-o-war
for the final decision
the choice you get to make

Sometimes you'll opt out
you'll say "not right now"
and guess what?
that's OK

other times you won't even hear the "not right now"
you'll dive into days of creative overflow
but not always

the ebb & flow
the give and take
are a constant cycle

This year I've been looking more at cycles
and less at a linear completion
I have some projects that pour out of me
in quick short spurts 
and others I've been working on for seasons
diving in, slowing down, backing off
diving in, slowing down, backing off
not on purpose
but in a real way

if you're a woman who menstruates
(hi - half of the world does)
you may be familiar with this cyclic... torture... blessing

For me, it's helped me better notice my creative cycles
each month I get low, don't want to move, can't move
for a few days
I shut down
it's frustrating and also liberating to take the time
to allow nothing-ness
unproductive-ness to happen

and the irony? while I'm being "unproductive" 
my body is doing magic each month
(no it's not actually magic, but damn it's mesmerizing)

So my question is this... 
Do you allow all of you to exist?
the fast and slow
high and low 
happy and sad
the social and recluse

and how does it feel?

the parts create a whole
kind of like a puzzle with missing pieces
it's not quite complete
but the whole thing
it's a masterpiece

there's a reason why I ask
because "before" I was only
happy, excited, perky, social
I pushed down my mad
my low
my not in the mood

I didn't let them exist because they weren't "me"
and somewhere deep down I felt incomplete

You're allowed to exist in all states
not just your default ones

if this feels true
like you're ignoring a part of you
I hope you'll join me in Year of Soul
My 2019 group that will dive into
-> what you want and why  
-> why and how you do (and don't do) certain things

shifting your mindset
experiencing instead of just doing
living each day instead of checking them off
innovating your to-do list
and prioritizing a stop doing list

regular planning, acting and reflecting
to reshape your days into the life you dream of.

no more auto pilot
no more trance
all presence
all light
a desire driven life

2019 is the year
the work begins now by deciding

Join Year of Soul 2019


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