The Power of Ditching Your To Do List 

Do you constantly stare at your to-do list
watching it grow by the minute
with the heavy, dreadful feeling
that it'll never shrink? 

As soon as you cross something off
two more things are added. 
like a hamster stuck in a wheel.
It's going so fast you can't get off
to catch your breath
The options are:
keep going
or jump. 
Tuck and roll
and hope you land in one piece. 

Earlier this year I decided To-do Listing would be
my biggest "stop doing" declaration.
I felt consumed by my tasks
in an endless cycle of
do. do. do. 
I stopped making to do lists
and instead I would complete the important tasks. 

I decided to trust myself.
Instead of using my to do list
as a badge of productivity.
And by the way, I completed my tasks.
My headspace clear
finally able to focus
instead of constantly drowning
in the 20 next things. 

It was challenging
and oh so freeing. 

Now, I know when I'm falling into my old habit.
Now, I know how to pump the brakes
and do the next important thing. 

It took me time
and effort
and constant awareness
but it was worth it. 

I am worth it.

What's on your stop doing list?
stop getting stuck to the computer screen working for hours on end
stop creating expectations of others in your head
stop worrying about what others are doing
stop reading about writing and write 
stop thinking about doing a handstand and try

The things we stop doing could be more important
than what we actually do. 
Because when we stop, 
there's room to start something new. 

The internal battle must conclude
to get to doing what you want to do. 
This doesn't mean the war is over, 
just a battle. 
You will always discover new things to stop doing
You will constantly come back to what's not working
and what could.

So, what's not working?

What could you stop doing to make space for the things you
want to be doing? 


P.s. We're diving into this and so much more in Year of Soul 2019. I hope you'll join us.