Something to think about... You are enough

I'm not an insta-yogi with a massive following, using other people's quotes to caption my pictures. With each post, I share something from my heart with the world. My words. My work. Snippets of my day. Me, plus my love for yoga. 

I'm not a food blogger with gorgeous, perfectly plated meals and exact recipes for each one. I only want to nourish my body and soul with what I put in it. I do this by making mindful choices on my terms. Through my experience, I hope to create the space for you to do the same. 
I'm a human who finds joy in posting my thoughts, life and experiences here. Not in order to get followers or likes...those things aren't my end game. I'm here to connect. To inspire and be inspired. To watch you grow as I grow. To be human in a very digital world. 

With that, I hope you and I both can become aware of who we're following and what we're "feeding" our hearts and minds as we scroll. Social media can be a huge time suck and can really get you down by looking at what other people are doing. Don't let following others consume you, let it inspire you. And then, put your phone down. Go move, play, write, draw, sing, dance, laugh, kiss, alive. 

The whole Instagram thing isn't and should never be your measure of success, likeableness or beauty. ✨🌻✌🏼