Something to think about... expensive yoga clothes

So @casa_colibri posted something Sunday that got my wheels turning. Something that pops up for me often but I haven't really written about until now. 
You can check out her most recent #startsomethingsunday post, but basically she's addressing yoga brands and how exclusive they can come off. You know, the kind that makes you feel deep down that you'll never fit into the yoga COMMUNITY.

I loved her message because after practicing for almost four years I've never given into the Alo yoga or Lululemon craze exactly for this reason. I never wanted to feel like I needed a pair of expensive pants in order to do yoga or call myself a yogi.

Some may argue quality and sizing are big factors when "investing" in yoga pants. But for me, I just don't see it. I started doing yoga with a $7 mat I got at TJMaxx and a random top and pants. Never once did I feel like I needed to spend mass amounts of money in order to do yoga. I didn't even step into a studio or class for the first year or so of my practice. 

And actually, I don't think I've ever paid more than $35 for a pair of yoga pants and I DO YOGA EVERY DAMN DAY. I have a strong practice, I TEACH yoga and I share yoga. The pants or sports bra I'm wearing does not enhance or decrease my message, my practice or my teaching. 

If you are interested in starting yoga, my hope is that you know you can begin exactly where you are. No fancy pants, no adorable strappy top. Just you and your mat. And from there, you can decide if and when you need a more expensive mat, longer pants, shorter pants, etc, etc.

Regardless, we all have the right to choose where and how we spend our money. I am committed to doing so as mindfully as possible. 

Thanks @casa_colibri for always keeping it real and inspiring the hell out of me. You rock! ✌🏼✨