New beginnings

Sometimes time gets away from us. We work too hard or focus on the “wrong” things that when we look at the calendar we realize half of the year has already flown by. By the time we realize it, we may feel like “it’s too late.” But it’s not.

New beginnings come when you least expect them. Or, when you make them happen. Either way, new beginnings are a chance to restart, reenergize, reorganize and get things going in a different or better direction.

For me, the new beginnings are coming a bit differently than I suspected them to be one year ago (naturally). My career is in full force, my social life in as active as ever, and my love life… well… my love life is as interesting as ever. I bought a new car. I’ve taken several trips. I’ve done a lot of moving in more ways than one lately, but this post is more about someone else’s moving.

My roomie, and best friend, Leo is moving to another state. He’s leaving and it makes me sad. I’m so happy for him, but he truly is a part of my happiness.

I know our happiness shouldn’t be dependent on other people, but when you’re around Leo, you just feel good. You feel light and free, peaceful yet adventurous. He is a one-of-a-kind and I’m so lucky to have him.

So with that, I wish him the happiest, most wonderful adventure. I love you, Leo!

It’s not too late. There’s always time as long as we use it properly. There’s always more love to give and more moments to be enjoyed. More wine to indulge in and more chocolate to devour. There’s always more if you take advantage of it.