My Instagram Intention for 2018

Hi. I’d like to take a second to introduce myself and let you know what my intention is on Instagram. If you’re following me, cool (and thank you for being here). If you’re not and you found me randomly, Hello, I’m Hailey. I am here to share photos and videos from my life paired with things that I write. Mostly things from my journals (free writing, poetry, storytelling) and in-the-moment things. I really don’t want to create a perfectly curated feed. I find it stressful and time-consuming. I don’t want to obsess over perfect lighting and captions. I want to connect with others right now, with whatever I have on my mind and heart. If you want a yogi or “clean eater” with dreamy, staged content, there are many out there for you. However, thats not my m.o. I have some amazing photographer friends who I may shoot with randomly but I will not let photoshoots or “planned content" be the only approach to capturing and sharing my life. I enjoy the art and process of creating content, a lot. But I do not want it to dictate my expression. If you dig that, I hope we become friends and you stick around. If not, you don’t have to look at or read my things. Either way, I hope you find things on Instagram that inspire you and add to your life and you don’t settle for anything less.