Moving on (again)

A lot has happened in the past six months.

From Leo moving away which forced me to face living alone, to being completely single and trying to maintain balance in my life while continuing to grow as a person.

Leo moved out in July and I was pretty excited to live alone. But, I didn’t fully realize that all of my bills were now doubled, it would be very quiet at nights and the room that was once his would never fully transform into something else no matter how hard I tried. Most days I loved coming home to something that was completely mine, and other nights, I would lie awake for hours expecting to hear him come home so I could finally drift off to sleep. I didn’t tell anyone because I wanted to be strong and independent. Silly me for not revealing myself like I promised.

So, along with the emotional changes, I am not the best at maintaining a budget or living modestly. Double the bills meant double the stress every month when trying to remember if I paid everything on time or if I had enough money to last the rest of the month. After 5 months of feeling like this, fate stepped in and I was presented with changing up everything I know once again in order to regain peace and balance.

One of my best friends was going through a weird breakup right around the time I was really feeling the pressure to make a change. Naturally, my heart said, “let’s do this” and she moved in. We immediately started searching for a new dream apartment. Of course, I had a wish list longer than a 4 year old has for Christmas, but hey… I have standards and no shame  We are now in the process of moving into a gorgeous apartment this week, centrally located by all of our favorite things!

It has been challenging, but it’s definitely been fun, and as a friend of mine would appreciate… educational 

Life is not always easy, but it is so beautiful. Don’t take your roomies for granted, but also never underestimate yourself. We can do so much if we just embrace who we are and live this amazing life to the fullest.

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