March Reflection & 5 in 5 Vlog

Thursday, April 6, 2017

For my 2017 blog project, I’ve decided that every month I will share the things & happenings that drive me forward and make my life what it is. No need to only reflect once a year, let’s do it monthly. After all, months fly by so quickly

To do this, I will be recording 5 things in 5 minutes each month on my YouTube channel and sharing what I’m reading, podcasts & music I listened to and other things that resonated with me. So, without further ado… let’s go!

5 things in 5 minutes

Every month I’m going to do a rundown of:

  1. What happened

  2. What didn’t happen

  3. Unexpected things

  4. How I’m feeling about the upcoming month

  5. 1 learning from the month to keep


What I’m reading:

  • The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up – Marie Kondo

  • Do/Design Why beauty is the key to everything – Alan Moore

  • Do/Fly Find your way. Make a living. Be your best self. – Gavin Strange

  • Journey to the Heart by Melody Beattie

  • Anything You Want – Derek Sivers

  • A Course in Miracles

Podcasts I loved:

  • Janne Robinson: ‘I take slabs of my heart and share them with the world.’ – Life Without Limits podcast with Yogi Roth

    • Ugh I love Janne and was so happy to find this podcast. Plus, I added another great podcaster to my list

  • The Lion of Olympic Weightlifting, 62-year-old Jerzy Gregorek – Tim Ferris Show

    • OMG, Jerzy is such a cool dude. 1. Ilove his accent, 2. He’s perfect evidence that’s it’s never too late to move your body

  • 367: How Females Can Lose Body Fat Fast, How to fix Your Vision Naturally, 4 Science-based Superfoods & Much More! – Ben Greenfield Fitness Show

    • This was interesting, but what I loved the most is that I eat all “7 science-based superfoods” LOL

  • A Little-Known, Highly-Effective Hack to Heal Your Spine, Get Massive Mobility Improvements & Change The Way You Move Forever – Ben Greenfield Fitness Show

    • All I’ll say is, skip this podcast & call Chandler Stevens

  • Cupping, Urine Drinking, Dream Interpretation, Open Heart Surgery Using Acupuncture as Anesthesia & Much More – Ben Greenfield Fitness Show

    • Hmmm… you can drink your urine…yes it’s true. No I do not intend on trying it.

  • Ultra-Spiritual Guide to Humor and Healing with JP Sears – The School of Greatness with Lewis Howes

    • OH, such a breath of fresh air and realness here. Please listen to this one!!


& lastly, a few pictures that made me smile in March… (click right or left on the images to scroll through)

5 in 5Hailey Heishman