Love is…

The other night I ended up at the local karaoke bar with my boyfriend. We quickly orded tequila+pineapples and started jotting down classic duet songs to sing together. I wrote down 4 and he wrote down 2. I knew my songs were going to be awesome and he took too long to think of his.

We walked up the few stairs from the bar area to the stage and anxiously waited for our names to be announced along with one of our duets. A few songs went by and I was getting antsy. I wanted to sing so bad!! Finally, our names were called and “Love Shack” started to play. Damn it. This wasn’t one of my picks! He was thrilled to know his was first. We belted our hearts out to the timeless classic and laughed along the way. Once the song was over we started to make friends with the hand full of other people in the bar. Soon enough, our names were called again and “You’re The One That I Want” (from Grease) started to play. Again, NOT one of my songs. I was frustrated but LOVED this song and agreed it was a good one.

Somewhere in between, before, or after all of this I was sitting with a smile on my face and something hit me. I am absolutely happy and have found my next blog post. I haven’t written since the end of January because I keep getting stuck. Nothing has really been flowing until now. I started the outline in the notes app on my iPhone and my fingers wouldn’t stop. If you’re a writer you know the exact feeling I’m talking about. It’s absolutely wonderful! My heart was open and overflowing.

I’m finally ready to start writing about love again. Pure, raw, surreal love.

To me, love is…

Spontaneity that you agree with. You can tell yourself and other people you are in love all day but when spontenatity is doubted or questioned it should be taken as a huge red flag. I may be young but I’ve been in relationships where I did not feel spontaneous, and that’s insane. Why? Because I’m extremely spontaneous. This karaoke adventure and all of the others leading up to this have been spontaneous, exciting and full of joy. They have been this way because of the person I was sharing my time and this moment with. I am 100% my spontaneous self when I’m around him and it’s a natural way of life. There’s no force, no question, no doubt. It just flows.

Naturally knowing each other. Love is not only about knowing what you like but also knowing what the other person likes. Going somewhere and not having to ask each other what you want is an incredible thing. There’s no question in your mind about what they do and don’t like. You know each other. You respect each other. You let each other flourish through being open, honest, and yourself.

It’s all about the connection. You could be anywhere and it’s the perfect place because you are with them. You lose all track of time and literally live in the moment no matter where you are. Enough said.

Be open. Don’t judge. Love all things. Listen to your heart. (such a cheesy line, haha. BUT so true!)

This is the first of many “love is” posts I’ll be writing. There is so much more to say and share and I will tell you all about it as it naturally flows out of me. Just remember, in the end you need to make sure you have a genuine smile on your face. If so, you’re doing it right. If there is doubt in your mind you need to take a step back and figure out what your missing, overlooking or ignoring.

Love is real, raw, in the moment, and unexplainable. And as cliche as it sounds, “when you know, you know.” Now, go love and let go of all the fear and doubt. Your heart will tell you what’s right.

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