Life in 2015

It’s been a while.

But just because I haven’t written doesn’t mean I haven’t been thinking about what I want to write 

Things have been busy with work and my personal life. I’ve spent the past few weeks organizing my life and deciding on things I need to get done in the coming weeks, months & year. Things like de-cluttering my closet, making more time for my family, writing more, cooking more, etc. I’ve started a new workout plan that I’m in love with. I’ve officially completed two weeks out of the 16 I’m planned to do. It feels great to finally be sticking to a schedule and kicking ass… literally. This past week I helped my friend Brenna renovate her new house. I literally took a crowbar and hammer to bathroom tile and got to demolish it. It was quite liberating to say the least and I will definitely be helping her more in the future. Two days later, my coworkers and I got adventurous and went indoor rock climbing. Again, very liberating and a great test of strength. I’m so going to be doing that often, but I’ll be spacing these activities out a little more because I’m still sore, haha! These new things have definitely peaked my interest and I intend to maintain them and keep finding more to explore.

Beyond trying new things, I’ve done a much better job at going to bed and waking up at a healthy time. I’m doing my workouts in the morning, which is super helpful. I also got a Ninja blender for Christmas and have been experimenting with delicious smoothies.

So clearly, it’s a new year – A time where people make resolutions in order to become skinnier, more successful, wealthier, or even just happier. Whatever it is that you choose to do this year I want you to stop and ask yourself how you want to feel.

Every day when you wake up and go to bed, how do you want to feel?

Happy, sexy, strong?

Whatever you want to feel is the true resolution you need to go after. If your objective is to feel and be healthy, you have to make choices every day to become that.

These things don’t happen over time. But with time, your life can be whatever you want it to be. I’ve learned from a lot of trial and error that taking life day-by-day is a lot more satisfying and fulfilling than worrying about the future or trying to rush things.

This year, I mostly want to feel free, satisfied, courageous, and at ease.

To date, I feel good. I feel free in my actions, at ease with my schedule, courageous with some of the things I’m working on, and satisfied with my daily routine. I feel good, friends. I want you to feel good too.

I’m going to do a weekly health and fitness check-in, a weekly dream journal (mostly because I’ve been having some bizarre dreams lately), and writing whatever else comes up that I think we need to talk about.

I want you to sit down and think about how you want to feel. Feeling lost? Need to talk? I’m here for you. You know how to get a hold of me. Don’t be afraid to go after what makes you happy. This is your life.

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