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The other day my girlfriends and I were planning a little weekend getaway trip for this spring. We were texting about cabin amenities and what we all preferred to feel comfortable for a weekend. But you see, there are 7 of us, which makes for a wide range of preferences. This conversation went on for a while, got a little heated with frustration, and then we finally settled on a spot that made us all happy.

(BTW - the weekend together was a wild success)

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But what this did was spark the thought in my head about yoga. Everyone has their way of camping (or in this instance “cabining”) and it’s kind of their only way of seeing it. The same can be true of yoga.

If you’ve only ever camped in an R.V. on a campsite with a toilet and electricity, then that’s what you know camping to be.

If you’ve only ever been to a hot yoga class, then that’s your limited experience. However, it’s not the only way. There’s tent camping and off the grid camping and hundreds of different types of yoga.

Basically, this made me think of the “Count me out, I’d never do it any other way” type of mentality with anything.

When I do Whole30 people gasp and say, “I’d NEVER be able to stop eating cheese!!!” Like,it’s literally life or death.


You all - it’s not.





There are SO many different ways to experience life.

Why limit everything you do to how you’ve always done it?


This year (and you know, moving forward forever), I've committed to doing some things differently. Getting out of my comfort zone and shifting my perspective to experience more of life.

I've updated my weekly yoga class here in Louisville. Where I was teaching an average pseudo power vinyasa class I am now teaching a "Self Exploration through Yoga and Writing" class. Something that feels so right in my heart. I got tired of doing it the same way. Like everyone else. So I decided I'd teach a class that's I'd love to take, and so it is.

I've picked up this book that has been sitting on my bookshelf for years. Like, since high school. It's a Bible Devotional and something I've clearly been avoiding. I'll talk more about this later, but for now, I'd like to share that I am opening my heart up big and wide to my Christian upbringing and seeing what unfolds.

I'm writing a book. Like, I'm no longer saying "I'm writing a book", but I'm actually writing the damn thing. It's scary and incredible and I'm on fire about it.

And then there's the whole "I quit my job". In case you missed it - I did. I left my 9-5 advertising agency career to be my own boss, choose my own clients, write my book, teach what I want, and contribute to the world in a big way.

I've been over here switching things up and I want to share it all with you.

Moving forward I will be sending weekly emails. You'll see them come through on Thursdays. I won't be spamming you or just popping into your inbox with a new product. I'm here. I'm working on some badass stuff. I want to share this fire with you so that you can do the same.

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If you want to talk, email me at and type away. I'm a human over here who also craves connection.

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So much love,





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