Color Schemes | A Writing Exercise

Color Schemes 💚📝 I am green. I am the sign of life and growth in a new season. Verdant and luscious. I am joy and bliss. I am purple. I smell of lavender and ease. I soothe and love. I am yellow. I am bright and positive and infectious. I light the dark and shine bright. I am my favorite teal. I am happiness. I am bliss. I am comfort. I am home. I am coral. I am bright and pretty. I make a statement and can't be missed. 💚 

Grab some paper and a pen and walk through these steps:
1. Pick some favorite colors
2. Describe them one by one
3. Write “I am” in front of each description and then reread them out loud

Pay attention to how you feel about each phrase. Maybe some resonate and some don't. Circle or highlight that ones that feel GOOD

color schemes writing exercise