A golden century old

If you’ve been reading for awhile, you’ll know it’s kind of a thing of mine to post on my birthday… to reflect and rejoice in all of the things that have happened and things that are to come. But, before we do that, let’s look back on the past few years to see what I’ve learned.

Let’s recap, shall we…

My Life: 21 moving on to 22 – this post was kind of short and not very insightful. I had a lot going on and basically listed everything out without putting much thought to it. It’s funny to look back on that year and realize how much change I was going through. Feeling like that was a lifetime ago would be an understatement.

How Does It Feel to Be 23? – this blog post is one of my favorites, yet makes me giggle. When I wrote this I did not necessarily reveal myself to you all. While my longest relationship had ended and I tried to explain this in this post, I didn’t tell the truth. A big factor of why that relationship ended is because I had started to form a connection with someone else. This is something I’ve never told publicly until now. Something I’ve kept a secret for whatever reason. But now I know it’s okay for that to have been a factor in that relationship ending. Two years ago…wow. I’m still proud of the Hailey who wrote that blog post and where I was in my life. And I’m even more proud of what I’ve learned since then.

No More Secrets, No More Lies. – One year later, I began to fess up to the fact that I hadn’t been revealing myself to you all like I’d intended to. This blog post was the beginning of realizing I was ready to open up and truly reveal myself, yet it’s still pretty vague. In my mind, I felt being vague was fine for where I was in life. There’s a lot of dirty laundry I could have (and maybe should have) aired in this specific blog post, but I chose not to for a long list of reasons. I don’t regret begin vague or not-so-revealing. I’m certain when I’m ready to share that chapter of my life with you all, I will do it in a raw, honest and real way. 1 year ago was not that time, and now isn’t either. I guess we’ll just have to wait. Regardless, this post was a turning point for me and it makes me smile.

And now, on to 25. How exciting and surreal. Today is my 25th birthday. What the heck! More real, revealed and no fucks given as ever. This past year has been CRAZY to say the least. In a beautiful, unexpected, dramatic, adventurous way…24 was a year I’ll never forget. In 365 days, yet another intense romantic relationship ended as I entered my 24th year. But this one was like no other and the breakup was a doosy. Thankfully, he and I are still friends and he’s probably the only non-biological man I trust to this day. And since then, a lot has happened.

I attended and planned too many events and parties to count, went to conferences, visited so many cities,joined a couple of organizations and boards, moved into a new gorgeous apartment with one of my best friends, and really started to dive deep into my yoga practice. Oh, and I got another pet…a hermit crab named Juan to be exact. In March I enrolled into yoga teacher training at 502 power yoga (which officially starts in November)… so get ready for some fun yoga classes led by me in the future. I joined a gym for the first time in years. And, I actually consistently go to the gym at 5:30 am… LOL! I took my carry and conceal deadly weapons class (and passed), planned more parties, went to more events, got into another romantic relationship that has since ended (obviously), made friends, lost friends, went to the beach (twice), volunteered for causes, went to music festivals, joined a sand volleyball team (which, turns out I’m a really great cheerleader and not so great of a volleyballer). I starting a writing account on instagram and writing more in general. And above all, I took a lot of time to be alone with myself and ask myself the hard questions we don’t want to ask. I even answered those questions, or am in the process of doing so. Facing who we are, who we’ve been and finding who we’re meant to be is such a beautiful journey.

So, through all of these things, here are 15 (because 25 is a lot) Hailey-isms for ya:

  1. Be spontaneous and just say yes. Try something new as often as possible. Life is too damn short not to. Climb on the rooftop, go on blind dates, take random road trips alone. Just go and be and do.

  2. Be bold and say NO. Say no when you don’t feel like it. Say no when it feels off. Say no because yes feels like you’re lying to yourself. Stay true to YOU. Everyone else will fall into place.

  3. Don’t be afraid to say, “I don’t eat that”. But really. If you don’t eat something, don’t. And if you do, eat it up. It’s your body and your rules.

  4. Love your body like it’s the most valuable thing you could ever own… because it is. Take care of yourself daily. Inside and out.

  5. Challenge yourself. With 5:30 am workouts or with a Whole30. Maybe try doing 1,000 situps a day…LOL! *I still haven’t conquered that one. Put your phone down more.

  6. Chose your words wisely. They are so so powerful. So powerful they affect you the most.

  7. Find your passion. The thing(s) that set your soul on fire. Please do yourself and the world a favor and find yours.

  8. Love. Love. Love everything and everyone. Be love. Give love. Spread love. There’s just not enough of it.

  9. Trust your gut. For real. Intuition is the realest thing. Stop ignoring that feeling in the pit of your stomach.

  10. Get comfortable with yourself. Be alone with yourself.

  11. Try not to compare yourself to others (or yourself). There’s much better things you could fill your headspace with, trust me.

  12. Feel your feelings and never ever feel bad about them.

  13. Ask questions and don’t be afraid to be curious because you don’t want someone to think less of you. It’s bullshit. Ask away and find your answers.

  14. Breathe. It’s essential to life but really, consciously breathe.

  15. Practice gratitude daily. The fact that you have a body, that you have eyes to read this. That you have a hand to click off of this because you think I’m crazy. Express your gratitude like there’s no tomorrow…because there might not be.

Today has been an incredible birthday. From waking up to a living room and kitchen full of balloons and unicorn party decorations (thanks Ash!!) to having my amazing family sing Happy Birthday to me for the 25th time, I am truly overflowing with all of the love that’s been poured into me today. Today is a birthday I will never ever forget. Thank you all for remembering me, saying sweet things and being a part of my life.

p.s. happy birthday to my best friend Gabby <3 I love you g


So much love,