A Declaration

This is a declaration for you.

The you that feels lost and abandoned. The you that feels unsure and scared. This is a declaration for all of the things that you desire. This is a declaration for you to claim what’s yours. Your happiness. Your thoughts. Your feelings. Your doubts.

Declare what you want in your life. Take your desires from deep within and make them your burning truth. It’s time totake what’s yours. Your body. Your mind. Your soul. Your beliefs. Your faith. Your life. Your heart.

Don’t let anyone get in your way.

Take your feelings and set them free. Don’t hold back out of fear or courtesy. All of the love you want to give surely should be given to yourself first.

Declare your undying gratitude for life. Live in honesty and truth. There will be no doubt in your mind what your heart desires. Feel it, love it, run with it.

This is a declaration for you.