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Something to think about... Uneven Surfaces

U N E V E N S U R F A C E S 🍃

Yoga doesn’t have to happen on a mat in the same place, over and over. It can, but it doesn’t have to. Eventually you might want to test all of those poses in the real world. On brick, concrete, mud, or leaves. It changes things. 

Yoga isn’t dependent on Yoga Mat 😉 

P.s. this lesson is universal. Playing with different environments yields different outcomes 🍃

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Tracking Progress: Why I record my yoga practice

Yes, I am "one of those yogis who records my practice and posts it online". In fact, I do it a lot and I have no shame. I get a lot of questions about why and how I record my practices so I figured it's about time I address it all in a blog post for the world, haha! I know the world doesn't really care, but some of you do, so this one's for you ;) 

Why I record the majority of my yoga practices:

I record my practices as a way of tracking my progress and actually seeing what I'm doing. For a very long time I practiced alone at home. I didn't have anyone to ask, "Does this look right?" or "Am I even upside down?" to. It was confusing to me not knowing where I was in space and not knowing if I was making any progress. 

I later learned that we can actually digress and it's not a bad thing. Our bodies change and adapt over time and although recordings are helpful, it should never be a means of comparing yourself to the "old" you or "used to be more flexible" you. Trust me, I've caught myself many of times thinking, "Wow my backbends were so much deeper last year! What happened?!" But in reality, I was going through a lot in my life and my body was doing what it felt it needed to do to protect me (tighter shoulders and stiff spine). 

So, I record my practices to track my progress, but I also do it for another reason. There's an uncovering and raw-ness in recording yourself doing something. It's awkward and feels weird at first. In the beginning you'll catch yourself looking in the camera a lot, checking out your butt and lord knows what else. But soon, you'll forget the camera is recording and catch some really authentic footage of yourself just moving and being present on your mat. Now, that's the good stuff. The really expressive movements of just being in your body that everyone else in the world might see but you. To me, it's a really interesting way of loving myself and posting the video anyway - regardless of the stomach roll or ass dimples. It's me in this moment and that's real. 

So, how do I record my practices then?

When I lived with Ashley, our friends used to ask if I had her sit around and take my pictures while I practiced - L O L. That's ridiculous and cruel and the answer is NO. I sit my phone on a window sill or against my water bottle/yoga block/whatever I have handy and hit record. Sometimes I'm only half in the frame and I don't really even double check or care. I play with sitting my phone vertical and horizontal, practicing facing the camera and recording a side view, or diagonal view. There's a lot of creative thinking that can go into the process (if you want!). And then, of course, there's lighting and editing and music. 

  • Natural light will result is the clearest video. Not essential, just a matter of preference. 
  • Trimming the video, adding music, speeding it up or slowing it down can all be done in iMovie, Perfect Video, or other editing apps (both iOS apps - I'm not sure about android apps). 
  • Pictures from videos - simply check out your video and screenshot whatever image you want to grab. ***please avoid screenshotting a millisecond of a pose that you barely held and almost hurt yourself doing. We're trying to make yoga more accessible and REAL, people. Let's not lie about what we're actually able to do ;)

Whatever you decide to do with your recordings is your prerogative and no one else's business. I say, "Record on and create cool content." 


So much love,



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Meditation 101: Tips & Resources

If you are interested in starting yoga, I wouldn't be surprised if you also start to become interested in meditating. This isn't a "you can't have one without the other" scenario, BUT from my experience it sure doesn't hurt to pair them together ;) 

I am not a meditation guru or seasoned practitioner, but I do know what I know, and that's this:

Meditation can be really intimidating. "Am I doing this right?" "How do I stop thinking?" "Can I move?" "Am I supposed to start over if I think or move or.. you know.. be human." 

Truth is, there is no wrong way to meditate. and that's relief, right?!

Meditation is what you make it. It does not have to mean you are switching religions and moving to another country to take a lifelong vow of silence (although you can if you want to). Meditation can be as simple (and is) as sitting, closing your eyes and just being where you are. 

There is no competition in meditating. You don't have to meditate for 30 minutes a day (but it wouldn't hurt). You don't have to start over if you move or never meditate again if you skip a day, or a week or a month. You can always begin exactly where you are. 

The only trick is that you have to begin. 

Here is a list of apps you might explore:

  • Headspace
  • Calm
  • Simply type "meditation" into the app store on your phone and explore all of the options (or Google "Meditation Apps")

If you can't seem to get it down on your own, search for a yoga class or meditation class in your city. Ask questions and find out what you're signing up for, then go. If you don't like it you never have to go again. But if you do, you've just found something really special for yourself. 

Overall, there are tons of different ways to meditate and reasons to meditate. Do your research and get curious about all of the options out there. Whatever you decide, decide based on what's right for you. 


So much love,


Meditation 101
Something to think about... expensive yoga clothes

So @casa_colibri posted something Sunday that got my wheels turning. Something that pops up for me often but I haven't really written about until now. 
You can check out her most recent #startsomethingsunday post, but basically she's addressing yoga brands and how exclusive they can come off. You know, the kind that makes you feel deep down that you'll never fit into the yoga COMMUNITY.

I loved her message because after practicing for almost four years I've never given into the Alo yoga or Lululemon craze exactly for this reason. I never wanted to feel like I needed a pair of expensive pants in order to do yoga or call myself a yogi.

Some may argue quality and sizing are big factors when "investing" in yoga pants. But for me, I just don't see it. I started doing yoga with a $7 mat I got at TJMaxx and a random top and pants. Never once did I feel like I needed to spend mass amounts of money in order to do yoga. I didn't even step into a studio or class for the first year or so of my practice. 

And actually, I don't think I've ever paid more than $35 for a pair of yoga pants and I DO YOGA EVERY DAMN DAY. I have a strong practice, I TEACH yoga and I share yoga. The pants or sports bra I'm wearing does not enhance or decrease my message, my practice or my teaching. 

If you are interested in starting yoga, my hope is that you know you can begin exactly where you are. No fancy pants, no adorable strappy top. Just you and your mat. And from there, you can decide if and when you need a more expensive mat, longer pants, shorter pants, etc, etc.

Regardless, we all have the right to choose where and how we spend our money. I am committed to doing so as mindfully as possible. 

Thanks @casa_colibri for always keeping it real and inspiring the hell out of me. You rock! ✌🏼✨