#30DaysPlay - My New Self-Love Challenge

At the beginning of the year I wrote down all of the things I want to do, have, or experience in order to have a rockin' 2018.

Sounds great, right?

Well, the list is long and really excites me, which likely tells you how MUCH is on the list.

I've gotten some important/high priority things "checked off", but there are some random lingering things that keep getting pushed to the wayside. Why? Because life, y'all.

I really want to do, have, or experience all of these things and yet life is unpredictable and at times stressful. Some days my only thought is "What HAS to get done today?" and I work until it's all completed. That's exhausting and kind of takes the "fun" out of my days. I have, what I like to think of, as a work-a-holic mentality. I'm aware of it, but man is it hard to keep under control if I'm not paying attention to it. 

My mom has even called me out on this saying, "You said when you quit your job you'd have more time... but you're still always so busy." And she's right. I feed off of to-do lists and meetings and "getting things done", but something else inside of my just wants to have fun and live spontaneously (with intent - a.k.a. not recklessly). 

And I think it's worth saying I didn't just create this 2018 list at random. I spent hours thinking and rewriting what it is I really want. And so the "list" was born. 

It's practically April now and I'm noticing my work-a-holic side kind of taking over. Slowly, but surely, thoughts about work are on my mind more than just thoughts about living. 

I was writing in my journal about all of this and the feeling of "knowing but not taking action". Basically, I know all of the things I want to do, have, and experience, yet I procrastinate or push them to the side for the oh-so-serious must-get-done stuff. 

As I was journaling on all of this I wrote, "Turn everything into a game." I looked at what I wrote and just smiled. DUH Hailey! Make this stuff fun and surprising and exciting and a treat, not another to-do. Because to-dos are actually draining me lately. 

From "Turn everything into a game", I came up with something I'm really excited about... my new 30 Days of Play Challenge. 

How to Play: 

  1. Write down 30 things you've been wanting to try, do, experience, have, etc.

  2. Cut them, fold them, & put them in a jar

  3. Draw one out everyday and do it

*the only rule I can think of is - You can only redraw once. For instance, if the thing written down is physically impossible that day, you can put it back in the jar and draw again. Just once. 

This is the new game I'll be playing for the next 30 days and I'm pumped to see what happens. I'll be sharing every day on my Instagram account and will be using the hashtag #30daysplay.

I created this game for me, because I needed something... fun. If you need this too I'd love for you to join me. There's no incentive or cost or sales-pitch. This is just a new way to experience more of the life I want. 


Want to play with me? Here's a worksheet to help you get your 30 things down on paper 

30 Days Play Self Love Challenge