200hr Yoga Teacher Training | Weekend One

One year ago I decided that I would enroll in yoga teacher training come spring. Since being accepted into the training in March, I have impatiently awaited the first day. I had no details on what we would be doing, who would be in the training with me, how many people, and on and on. The unknown can always be intimidating and exciting and nerve wracking. For me, it was a calm anxious feeling though. 

“I am so ready for this, and I don’t even know what it’s going to be like”, I thought. 

Shortly before training started all teacher trainees were added to a private Facebook group (OMG THESE PEOPLE REALLY GET ME) and I was pumped. Not only is this a preferred method of managing large groups for me, but apparently is also for our teachers leading the training. Then, we got our weekend one agenda…. which basically told us when to arrive and to “be ready for anything”. Ummm, okay. I suppose I’ll just show up… ready for anything. What a funny thought and so very exciting.

Day one arrived and we all practiced together for over an hour. It was sweaty and beautiful and felt like the perfect way to start this journey. We then went over tons of info, ground rules, introductions, you know first day kind of stuff. We left day one with instruction to hydrate, rest and arrive before 8am tomorrow for our first 12 hour day. In the back of my head I was like, “water, check. Rest, oh God I hope I’m not restless tonight. Arrive on time….*set 500 alarms* DON’T BE LATE.” Piece of cake.

I can’t exactly go into all of the details and don’t want to. I feel this process is sacred to myself and the group and it’s actually quite hard to explain if you’re not physically+mentally+emotionally experiencing the training for yourself. So, I will leave you with some thoughts from weekend one 

Partner Sharing – this is where we sit in front of a new person and listen to them as they share their stream of consciousness for an unknown amount of time on whatever prompt we’ve been given. We’re instructed to just listen. Don’t reply or relate or interrupt. Just listen. I love this part. It’s awkward, fun, uncomfortable, challenging and beautiful. And then, you switch roles. For me, this exercise allows me to truly listen to the person speaking, see them, and be present. There’s lots of smiling and closeness in this exercise. It’s insanely cool.

Meditation – If you’ve ever tried meditating before you’ll know it’s quite challenging to let your thoughts pass and just be present. In our first long meditation I noticed an itch on my foot. I couldn’t move – I didn’t want to. Which meant I wasn’t going to scratch the itch. I acknowledged it and let go of my need to scratch it, to let it disrupt me from what I was focused on… the now. Eventually it went away and when I noticed it had left, I was mind blown. WOW – just because there is an annoyance or irritation, doesn’t mean you have to pick or scratch or get frustrated. Let it be. A lot came to me in meditation but that one was a cool example that I feel we all can relate too 

The Unknown – During our days there is no concept of time, no agenda of what’s next (to our knowledge). We are simply asked to be completely present and give this training all that we can. Not having my phone near me is such a relief. Not knowing what time it is may be my new favorite thing. And, not really knowing what we will be doing next is the most exciting. I love the unknown. Not knowing what will come up within myself or the training next is amazing. There are no expectations or ideas to become attached to. There is simply presence and openness.

I can’t wait for weekend two. Stay tuned to read about how that goes <3

So much love,


yogaHailey Heishman