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I have an extreme passion for whole, nutritious food and LOVE taking time every few months to reset my body (and mind) by eating ONLY real food. When I started my journey over 4 years ago, I knew immediately this was something I wanted to share with the world to help others learn more about food and themselves. I am by no means a nutritionist or doctor, but I am someone who loves food and its effects on our bodies and minds.

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A comprehensive clean eating guide that includes 30+ recipes, weekly meal plans, grocery lists & more. 

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A FREE 3-day clean eating guide to kickstarting mindful food choices (plus, blank printable sheets).

Not ready to go it alone?

You don't have to. I would love to learn more about your current state and where you'd like to explore and create new, healthier habits. Fill out this form and let me know how I can support you.

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What do you need in order to make more mindful food choices? What are the biggest things you struggle with? What would make this super easy for you to commit to for 30 days (or what incentives do you like? Money? Free Stuff? Etc...)
This was my third round of Whole 30 over last 5 months. I’ve lost 30 pounds total and gained much healthier eating habits. Thanks Hailey Victoria Heishman for teaching me the ropes.
— Allison
I gotta hand it to you, Hailey... this whole experience was challenging but so totally worth it. I ate a LOT but I guess since it was all so healthy I still wound up losing 14 lbs in the last 30 days. And of course I feel better inside & out too. I’m going to keep your recipe book handy and likely still eat in ‘whole 5’ (or 6) fashion during the week with some occasional beer & pizza on the weekends. Crazy thing is, I’m not sure I’ll crave it all that often after eating and feeling so well all otherwise. Regardless, thank you for the inspiration and encouragement. And count me in for the next one!
— Nick
Hailey introduced it to a group of us and it felt like a fad but we went with it. About 2 weeks into the program I knew it wasn’t a fad. It changed the way I looked at food, it changed the way I looked at my choices. I hope to complete two more this year, starting my first one of the year today. This time, on my own - doing it because I’m truly excited to complete the 30 days, because my body needs it, and so does my mind.
— Kara