Do you struggle with meal planning and prep? Do you get frustrated with your grocery list that doesn’t make sense once you get in the store? Do you need help finding easy recipes & different ways to make healthy food without getting bored?

If you're looking for guidance on making healthy eating easier and want to challenge yourself for 30 days to create healthier habits then you're in the right place!

This guide is:

+ 100% Whole30 compliant

+ over 60 pages long

+ has over 30 recipes & meal ideas

+ 4 weeks of meal plans, grocery lists, step-by-step daily prep guidance & daily check in’s

+ a list of items to stock up on

+ snack & drink ideas

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4 Weeks of Meal Plans

The weekly meal plans make the 30 days super easy by laying out every meal for you from breakfast to dinner.

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4 Weeks of Grocery Lists

The guide has 4 weeks of complete grocery lists that tell you exactly what to by when. It doesn't get any easier, friends!

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Daily Prep Instruction

The guide also includes daily instructions on when to make what so you don't make a non-compliant choice after a long day.

PLUS, 30+ Whole30 Compliant Recipes

Who am I?

In September 2013 I did my first Whole30. I was already really into "paleo living” but I needed more awareness around my food choices. Since then, I’ve done the 30 days 9 times and I fall more in love with the process each time. After about 3 on my own I started to invite others to join me via Facebook groups.

I’m here because I love eating sushi and tacos… like a lot. This challenge (and groups) helps me stay accountable and committed to my daily intention of making mindful choices. I have an insane passion for this process and am here 100% for others who also want to go on this journey.


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Why 30 days?

This guide was made to help you eliminate soy, grains, dairy, legumes, sugar, and alcohol for 30 days to learn more about your body (and self). Throughout the 30 days you can begin learning how different foods effect you, why you crave certain stuff, and gain a stronger understanding over your choices.

Basically, I live from a place of "why" and this challenge helps me understand WHY I want what I want and help me determine when I'm being mindful (or mindlessly eating cookies for no reason). 


What others are saying...

This was my third round of Whole 30 over last 5 months. I've lost 30 pounds total and gained much healthier eating habits. Thanks Hailey Victoria Heishman for teaching me the ropes. Although, I'm going to loosen the restriction a little bit, I have a list of things that I don't eat now. Tonight's dinner. It's hard to stop after you get started. Congrats everyone!! - ALLISON M


I gotta hand it to you, Hailey... this whole30 experience was challenging but so totally worth it. I ate a LOT but I guess since it was all so healthy I still wound up losing 14 lbs in the last 30 days. And of course I feel better inside & out too. I'm going to keep your recipe book handy and likely still eat in 'whole 5' (or 6) fashion during the week with some occasional  beer &  pizza on the weekends. Crazy thing is, I'm not sure I'll crave it all that often after eating and feeling so well all otherwise. Regardless, thank you for the inspiration and encouragement. And count me in for the next one! - NICK H

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I admire Hailey for finding something that helps her to enjoy life and something she is so passionate to share with others. I also like the positive motivation with groups like these. Even just seeing everyone's posts and enthusiasm helps reprogram the mind. - AMY G

Thank you for making more mindful of my food choices and what to do and not do. Thank you so much for letting me be in this space it was awesome. - BETTY P